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Villa 2
Villa 1
Villa 2
Villa 1
Villa 1
Villa 1
Villa 2
Villa 1 outdoor kitchen
Villa 2
25 kilometer unblocked views!
view from both villas
Villa 1
Our almond fields around the house
Villa 2
Villa 1
Villa 1
Villa 2
Villa 2
Villa 1
Space between the 2 villas
Villa 2
Villa 2
Villa 1
Villa 2
Villa 2
Villa 1
Villa 2
Villa 2
500 meters from above
Villa 2
Villa 2


Separate Villas









At the centre of the Castellon Hills, a 30 minute drive away from the Mediterranean Sea lies a small private road leading to an immensity of land that serves as a large earthy canvas full of Almond and Olive trees. This area and the many medieval villages surrounding it, could easily be mistaken for Tuscany, the Spanish Tuscany.  At the center of it all, are two villas designed by the Dutch artist Xander Spronken. A sculpture? Not quite... A house? Not exactly... This Spanish retreat is the culmination of both. It greets you with its host of 6-meter high concrete pillars that do not loom so much as they soar. 


A sculpture that has no rhythm but with details inspired by the ancient Fibonacci sequence.  Fifty-three concrete pillars carry a roof of old mooring posts that weigh down on you bringing back a sensation of earthing and rooting.

The villas are composed of large floor-to-ceiling windows that provide magnificent views of the Iberian mountains with the 1.800m high Penyagolosa summit as its centrepiece.  Accessed via a private gate the 6 hectares private property consists of two separate houses with each its own swimming pool. Both houses are equipped with air-conditioning, floor-heating, large fitted kitchens, lounge areas, and two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms each. Additionally, the houses are eco-friendly, operating on solar energy and heated by a heat pump.


Villa 1 (facing South-East, total 160 square metres) faces the stretched Castellón mountains, a beautiful live painting with the Penyagolosa as the centrepiece. It also carries the luxury of an outdoor wood-fired oven, perfect for making a traditional paella or a wooden baked pizza.


Villa 2  (facing South-West, total 150 square metres) enjoys a breathtaking view of  the north-west mountains (including the Penyagolosa), overlooking the olive trees in the vast open space.


Both villas have a lot of privacy because they are build towards the opposite sides.

The villas are hosted by Joris and Katherine, they are inspired by a free and creative lifestyle where art and architecture play an important role. The houses serve as their private getaway. They have retained the house's simplicity and authenticity with slight additions, such as the sofas designed by the Los Angeles based artist Stephen Kenn.

Xander Spronken

Anyone who categorizes Xander Spronken (Maastricht, Netherlands, 1956) purely as a sculptor does not really do him justice. In addition to iron sculptures, he makes truly unique architectural constructions.

Spronken approaches architecture the way he does all his artpieces. Negative space is valued as much as positive mass, air and void animated by light and the inexplicable emotion of volume.


His passion for iron is the unifying thread in these works. In his own inventive and intuitive manner, he combines the traditional skills of a blacksmith with an authentic and multifaceted artistic practice. 


The unique signature of Xander Spronken’s can be found all over the globe. His artistic language is universal. 

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Horseback riding
Desert de les Palmes
Playa pesca Santi
Club Nautico de Oropesa del Mar
Hiking trails on 25 min. distance
Restaurant La Pelejaneta
beautiful curved roads
Street markets from 08.00 -13:00
coffee Carahijo
Panaderia Els Ibarsos
Cafè de pas
Bio/slowfood restaurant Pou de Beca
restaurant Hermanos Sales
Clos Winery
Valéncia, Santiago Calatrava
Valencia - La Gran Via
Valencia, Mércate Central
Valencia - Lambrusqueria
Ares del maestre
Local Supermarket
Castle of Peñíscola

Private chef Nícolas.

Chef Nícolas can do private cooking of the finest local products accompanied with the best local wines.


Reservations are recommended a minimum of two weeks in advance.

+34 964 320 459

Distance to the Sea 30 minutes.

Distance to Castellón 30 minutes.

Distance to Valencia 1 hour.

Nearby airports: 

1: Valencia Airport (VLC) 1h10 hour drive

2: Barcelona Airport (BLN) 2h30 hours.

3: Alicante Airport (ALC) (2h45 min from SpronkenHouse).

4: Girona Airport (GRO) 3h.

5: Private airport of Castellón (CDT) 20 min. (London-Stansted via Ryanair during high season)


Villa 1 (4 persons, max 6): 395 euro p.n. (2.499 week, 8.325 month)*

Villa 2 (4 persons, max 6): 345 euro p.n. (2.150 week, 7.225 month)*

SpronkenHouse Complete (both villas): 685 euro p.n. (4.250 week, 14.375 month)*

* Minimum stay 3 nights.

* Photoshoot or marriage location price on request.

* Final cleaning fee 99 euro per villa per stay.

During July, August and last week of December/first week of January, prices are 25% higher. 

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Disclaimer: The SpronkenHouse allows families with children, but we would kindly like to inform you that this house is not child proof, it is designed as an art house. We do not accept any liability. So, if you have small children with you, please keep an eye on them at all times.

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Contact us on: +31 6 24 25 01 99 (preferably via WhatsApp)

Correspondence Address:

Schutterijweg 1

6212 ND Maastricht (The Netherlands)

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“I fell in love with this house from the moment we arrived. The private pool with the mountain view and the calmness is breathtaking! We had an outstanding stay and the location of the house was great and … 30 minutes from the beach.” 

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